Frequently Asked Questions

When does my child go to library?

Library is a 'Special' for PK/K classes. They come once a week during their scheduled Library Special. Grades 1-3 visit the library at the discretion of their classroom teacher -- usually during a predetermined weekly time slot. For exact days/times, consult the Media Center schedule, which is posted on the Media Center page.

How long can my child keep his/her book?

PK-Grade 2: The check-out period for all PK, K, grade 1, and grade 2 students is 1 week. Books are due *7 days from the date of check-out. Grade 3: Grade 3 students are alloted two weeks for check-out. Books are due *14 days from the check-out date. *In the event of snow days, holidays, or loss of class visit due to school event, the check-out period is extended.

Is there a fine for an overdue book?

No. If a book is overdue, regardless of the length of time, there is no fine.

What happens if a book is Lost or Damaged?

For any books that are Lost or Damaged, the following fees apply: $15 for all regular library books $7 for Summer Reading books (fee will increase to $10 next year) The library accepts cash or checks. Checks can be made payable to Bresnahan Elementary. Please include the name of the student and the title of the book in the notation line.

Why is my child restricted from checking out a book?

Unpaid fee(s) for Lost or Damaged book may result in a hold being placed on your child's account, preventing him/her from further check-outs.

Can my child renew a book?

Books may be renewed one time.

What is considered proper care of my library book?

In order to maintain library privilege, there is an expectation that all possible effort be expended to return books in their original check-out condition. Students have been instructed to report any evidence of wear or damage before taking a book out of the library, so that it can be noted. If a book is damaged while in the possession of your student, please let us know as soon as possible, and the circumstances involved. We understand that accidents happen, so it is important that we be notified. If the damage is determined to be the result of anything other than normal wear and tear and/or has not been reported, or cannot be repaired by staff, the $15 fee will apply.

My child is getting overdue notices for a book s/he says s/he didn't take out

Students are responsible for books listed on their accounts, so they must take care to reset the screen at the check-out station. This means that all students must watch (and read) the screen when checking out, and make sure their name has been cleared before walking away. All students have received instruction on how to perform self check-outs, and receive frequent reminders and oversight.

How many books can my child take out?

The number of books allowed during one check-out period is dependent upon two factors: grade level and classroom teacher determination. See chart.

How do students select books?

The library is organized in sections: easy picture books, picture books, easy chapter books, chapter books, general animals, easy non-fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, new releases, and rotating displays.

PK/K classes are encouraged to select from the easy picture books, picture books, easy non-fiction, and general animal books sections.

Grades 1-2 students are not restricted from any of the sections, but they are guided by the classroom teacher, reading specialists, and media staff, based upon interest, level, reading/literacy goals, and class assignments.
Grade 3 students browse independently, selecting books of interest and/or materials that support class assignments and projects. The goal of Bresnahan is to encourage, nurture, and support the love of reading by providing a wide variety of titles, topics, and reading levels.

Why Are These Books in Our Library?

Occasionally students bring home books that parents might not have chosen for them, whether it be the content, the treatment of the subject matter, or the reading level of the book. The ALA has answered some of these questions in their helpful missive, Why Are These Books in My Library?